The MARIA Organic brand offers canned wild fish with 100% organic farm ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, chilli and certified herbs.


Sustainable Fishing


The fish used in MARIA Organic canned food is caught in a sustainable way.

It is based on a more artisanal and small scale method, with social, economic and ecological benefits.

By practicing sustainable fishing, we can ensure that enough fish are left in the sea and that they reproduce properly and healthily.

In order for fishing to be considered sustainable, the structure, productivity, function and diversity of marine ecosystems must be respected, with fishing adapted to the circumstances of the marine environment and in compliance with local, national and international laws.




Wild Fishing


The fish used in the brand's preserves is wild and caught in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. 

The brand's option for wild fishing is because the fish is caught in its natural habitat, where it develops naturally and feeds off its own biome.

In this way we are able to give our customers, fish with a mild flavour and superior nutritional properties of vitamins, omega-3 and others.

At an environmental level, wild fishing is very important because, it does not propagate invasive species; associated with sustainable fishing allows the continuity of marine life and avoids the lack of species diversity due to habitat destruction.




Manual Production


Manual production is present in various phases of the canning process.

Only in this way we guarantee the selection of a quality fish and its correct hygienization and canning.

As the fish are hand-worked one by one, MARIA Organic preserves become genuine and meet the expectations of the consumer.

As we do not produce mass productions of low price, we do not commercialize homogenized products and we guarantee the quality.

The manual production allows us to differentiate from other brands, by the rigor and quality of the final product.





Traditional Method


The brand's preserves have always been produced according to the traditional method, the pre-cooking.

Pre-cooking means that the fish is cooked before being put into the can, as it was done by the old methods.

By using this method we avoid that when the raw fish is cooked in the can itself, water is released and becomes trapped inside the can making the topping sauce watery. 

The visual aspect is also improved by making it possible to trim and adjust the fish inside the can.

It is clearly a more labour intensive and time consuming process but it creates more jobs and results in a quality product that is differentiated for the consumer.




Fair Trade


Fair Trade is one of the pillars of the brand, which embraces economic and ecological sustainability and dignifies producers.

We are not producers, we market the preserves, and have an honest relationship with suppliers and employees.

We seek to create the means and opportunities to establish fair prices and balanced social and environmental standards throughout the chain.

With fair trade we create a sustainable, supportive and quality commercialisation channel between producers and consumers, enabling the recognition of the producers' work and committing consumers to a healthy, responsible and sustainable lifestyle

The customers who approach us are looking for the best and are willing to pay the fair price.